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Avantgarde Ana Ayromlou  &  Oliver Jubin Exklusiv Exklusiv Disclaimer Disclaimer Home Home Portrait Portrait CurrentDates CurrentDates AnaAyromlou AnaAyromlou Oliver Jubin Oliver Jubin Videos Videos impressions impressions Partner Partner News News Contact Contact „tradition meets passion“ and that means “dance and ride outside the lines“. Who hides behind Avantgarde Horses & Dance? It is Ana Ayromlou and Oliver Jubin
The   exceptional   cooperation   of   these   two   artists   who   combine   their   special   talents   for   a   joint   project   Avantgarde   Horses   &   Dance has     been     a     success     since     1997.     They     both     try     to     meet     the     challenge     of     constant     personal     development. Their common th eme is: The   duo   has   already   attracted   international   attention   and   gave   numerous   performances   in Germany, Europe and overseas. They   enchant   their   audience   with   a   mixture   of   powerful   riding   and   a   display   of   virtuoso   as well   as   acrobatic   skills.   Not   the   fast   and   reckless   stunt   but   the   emotionally   touching   and harmonious appearance with powerful and athletic horses is their greatest strength. The   show   –   with   flaming   torches,   colourfully   dressed   groups   of   children   and   majestically presented   horses   -      is   an   impressive   highlight,   a   moment   which   touches   our   souls   and leaves a lasting impression. Oliver   Jubin   -    is   a   certified   FN   horse   trainer   and   has   successfully   taken   part   in   various   jumping   and   dressage   competitions   for many   years.   One   day-   while   in   Spain   –   he   noticed   a   rider   working   his   horse   with   the   greatest   ease   on   the   beach.   Fascinated   he   got in   touch   with   that   person   and   the   result   was   a   one   year   stay   in   Spain.   The   training   of   horses   in   Spain   was   quite   different   to   the   one he   had   known   during   his   training   in   Germany   and   it   took   quite   some   time   until   he   had   found   his   own   specific   way   –   a   combination of the old and new knowledge. Ana   Ayromlou   -      As   a   child   already   Ana   Ayramlou   had   been   fascinated   by   the   art   of dancing.   And   so   it   was   a   logical   consequence   that   she   chose   an   education   at   The Folkwang    University    of    the    Arts    in    Essen,    Germany.    The    famous    modern    dance performer and choreographer Pina Bausch became her teacher. After   successfully   completing   her   education   she   went   to   Spain   for   five   years.   The reason   for   this   choice   was   her   fascination   for   the   famous   Spanish   dance   of   flamenco. Like Oliver she developed her own, very specific style of dancing during that time. Both   artists   share   the   intense   dedication   and   passion   and   the   vision   of   total   perfection   and   love   for   their   art   and   so   meeting   each other seemed to be inevitable. List of appearance: Auctions, stallion licensing and approval shows, horse fairs, gala evenings, first class hotel openings, medieval markets, „Circus meets Classic“ , „Dancing Horses over Water“. IWorld   Horse   Fair   / Equitana   (Germany),    Musical   Zauberwald   Pferde   Palast   (Germany),    Spirit   of   the   Horse   (Great   Britain),   Levade   (The Netherlands),   Dressage   at   Devon,   San   Diego   Horse   Show,   Palm   Beach   Dressage   (   United   States   of   America)    and   as   a   very   special highlight in their carreer the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo   where they won the Prix manuelle de Bellini.