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Marbach Classics 2013 Landgestüt Marbach Faszination Pferd / Consumenta Nürnberg Top Gala Show 2013 Equitana 2013 Hop Top Show Die große Weihnachtsgala Herford Der Große Preis von Sachsen Chemnitz Messe Pferd & Jagd 2013 Nacht der Pferde und MiMaMo Hannover Galaabend der Pferde 2014 Leer Signal Iduna Cup - 2014 Dortmund Store Hestedag 2013 Roskilde / Denmark Marbach Classics - 2014 500 Years Haupt- und Landgestüt Marbach Marbach
 When dreams come true Avantgarde goes Circus Krone Bildmaterial Circus Krone www.circus-krone.com
Circus Krone II. Winterprogramm 2016 München Store Hestedag 2016 Roskilde / Denmark Hengstparade 2016 Redefin Balearen Tour 2016 Es Fangar Mallorca Relocation 2016 Faszination Pferd 2016 Nürnberg Dressurgala Heroldsberg 2017 Heroldsberg Competition Dressurgala Heroldsberg 2014 Heroldsberg Nacht des Pferdes 2014 Hamburg - Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld Apropos Pferd 2014 Wien - Arena Nova German MAsters 2014 Stuttgart - Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle Nacht der Pferde 2014 Hannover - Messe Pferd & Jagd 2014 CHI Donaueschingen 2014 Donaueschingen Our new Home
Since the first of March 2015 we can proudly present our new home. Now we have more Space for our horses and new ideas.
A v a n t g a r d e  Excellent Dressage Sales Academy Bartels Hooge-Mierde / NETHERLANDS A v a n t g a r d e  Horse & Dance Gala A v a n t g a r d e  Mühlengeez  25 Years
Dancing in the snow.
MiMaMo Horse Fair Pferd & Jagd 2015 Hannover
3 different Shows and a wonderful audience, it was a great time. It was a pleasure for us to be part of it.  
Helsinki International Porsche Horse Show Helsinki